Tuesday, December 30, 2008

State Agency at Odds with Its Governor

There's something interesting going on in South Carolina. The Governor would like the SC Employment Security Commission to do a better job before he signs for a federal loan, and the ESC is rebelling and putting a lot of unemployed people in jeopardy.

"Sanford has some things he wants first before he signs the request, such as an independent, third-party audit to review operations and performance of the commission.

Among other things, Sanford wants to have unemployment insurance data collected, Details like reasons for getting unemployment and dates of employment benefits, and quarterly employment numbers and wages.

Additionally the Governor wants information about companies that close, like when they shut down and where they're located."


After receiving the Governor's proposal, the ESC countered:

Halley agrees to a performance audit to be done by the Department of Labor, but not an independent, third-party as the governor requests.

After receiving the counter-offer, the governor's office released a statement, saying:

"We are disappointed by the updated agreement. It shows that the Employment Security Commission is afraid of the scrutiny an outside audit would provide. We are insisting on an independent audit before we sign anything."


In these times, perhaps we should asking our government agencies to do more, not just ask for and spend more money -- that apparently no one has. Just a thought...

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